In a City Park

by Michael Battram

Tired of walking, I picked out a bench
Beside a pond, along a chain-link fence.
I looked down where I sat, and barely could
Make out two faint inscriptions on the wood,
In penmanship, at least, a sorry match:
“BECkY + ChARLES 4EVR,” crudely penned
By one who clearly doesn’t write too much,
And “I will marry Charles” in schoolgirl hand,
Fluid and precise. I wished them luck,
Watched swallows slice the air above the pond,
And wondered what their ages were, and when
They’d pledged those solemn vows, in felt-tip pen;
Remembering all the promises I’ve made
That seemed so true, then seemed so quick to fade.

© 2006 by Michael Battram


About the Author

Michael Battram has published over 100 poems over the years, in various small magazines and in many different forms and styles, from academic to alternative to "ashcan." Upcoming publications include Abbey, Blue Unicorn, The New Formalist, and Open 24 Hours. He lives in Southern Indiana.


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