Small Scene in a Rainy City

by Michael Battram

Eternal, street-lamp beautiful,
She rings spike heels down puddled streets.
The rain falls down upon us all,

She thinks; we watch the gutters swell,
And bide our time until the Sweet
Eternal. Street-lamp beautiful,

She ducks into a doorway, towels
With tissues, smokes a cigarette.
The rain falls down upon us all,

But it’s no good for business; still,
The tricks will soon return, and night’s
Eternal, street-lamp beautiful

In rain. She leans against the wall
And smokes, and waits, content to let
The rain fall down. Upon us all

Sometimes, there comes such peace, it fills
Our lives, if only for a minute.
Eternal, street-lamp beautiful,
The rain falls down upon us all.

© 2006 by Michael Battram


About the Author

Michael Battram has published over 100 poems over the years, in various small magazines and in many different forms and styles, from academic to alternative to "ashcan." Upcoming publications include Abbey, Blue Unicorn, The New Formalist, and Open 24 Hours. He lives in Southern Indiana.



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