by Rumjhum Biswas

i) Proposition

Will you wait for me in the garden?
Will you sing your song for me?
My heart is thirsting for strange refreshment
And, my flesh hungers for company.

Standing solitary against a tree
In a copse all moist and gnarled
A hundred shadows cling to me
On my brow glistens beads of blood

Once, in starlight I had bathed my dreams
Far away now, those stars creep across the sky
The stardust they shed humbles my soul
Their spear points of dazzle pierce my eyes.

How long have I stood in solitary musing,
How long have I shivered in the cold?
In shame of my flesh cringed my heart,
At the bleeding of my heart rejoiced my soul.

I craved for those forbidden answers
That, in clandestine emotions live
Yet, I sought this one furtive favor, that
I know, only you should give –

So will you wait for me in the garden?
Will you sing your song for me?
Even, when my heart thirsts for strange refreshment
And, my flesh hungers for company...

ii) Retribution

True to your heart, you waited
In answer to my call
You waited alone and cold, until
Spring withered into fall.

While, I the fool went wandering
Still thirsting for strange refreshment
Seeking with neither staff nor sight
Heedless of my own torment

Slowly my garden turned bleak and ashen
My songbirds were stilled with shame
You fled, leaving that gate wide open
with the dead leaves whispering your name...

In all my wanderings, no stars shone
How I yearned for their spear points of light
My dreams held the taste of sawdust
Ghoulish shadows howled to my soul at night.

Unbidden echoes pounded my mind.
Forbidden motives beckoned from corners
But my heart looked sun ward for warmth and light
And my flesh disdained all furtive favors.

Then at last I returned to my garden
Yes there, where I had first sung my song
Callous to my thirsting that had always
Been for you – the one to whom I belong.

Now with my blood I tend my garden
So the flowers may once more call the bees
Now my heart, will you to live in my garden?
Now will you sing your song for me?

© 2008 by Rumjhum Biswas


About the Author

Rumjhum Biswas's prose and poetry have appeared in Muse India, The Bare Root Review, Etchings (Australia) The Little Magazine India (India), Eclectica, Nth Position (UK), The King's English, Halfway down the Stairs, Arabesques Review, Crannog, Clockwise Cat, Chanterelle's Notebook, Everyday Fiction, A Hudson View (South Africa), Lily Literary Review, The Paumanok Review, Poems Niederngasse (Switzerland), Unlikely Stories, Cerebration (UK), Amarillo Bay, Gowanus, Loch Raven Review and Southern Ocean Review (New Zealand). Three of her poems have been published by Unisun Publishers (India) in their 2007 anthology "The Silken Web". Two more poems are forthcoming in two separate anthologies by Forward Press of UK. At present, this erstwhile copywriter lives and writes in Chennai. She can be contacted at:



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