The Slave Girl

by Fletcher N. Brown

Nearby this slave-town's fiord
A holy man attends a girl
Too threadbare and bedraggled,
Brimming with resplendent pearls
Too precious to be purchaséd;
Whose Beauty shall unfurl
Despite the whip-backed surly sky
And greet the lib'ral world.

She, thinking on her brother
Sleeping on the frozen soil,
Beseeches tardy flowers
Whisp'ring 'round her virgin soul:
“Be quiet! No—quieter...”
For winter is the holiest of climes.

Meanwhile, the twilit mystic sky
Has rent itself in twain
And by a wintry mistral's blight
Stole off to southern plains
That April shall receive her resurrection
And bless them with her radiant complexion—

Whilst trees here, solemn, waiting
On her, clutch their trembling leaves;
Here birds, no longer singing;
Spring and summer are deceased
Herein this most-empyreal of times—
Snug, nestled 'midst the mistletoe and rime.

Whence screeching birds take shelter
From December's darkly breast;
Her blue eyes speak of warmer weather
Blinking o'er the dusk-lit West,
Which falls like sleep-dust o'er this hoary town;
A prophecy of solemn and of sacrificial sound.

This girl, no longer coarsely bound
By dogma, vice or chain
Has fled this northern slaver's town
To grace fair-southern plains—
For Love has spoken on the coming spring
And stolen off with winter's deathly sting!

Thus spake the holy man:
“Where goest thou, stranger?”
“Abide with me,” She said,
“Thine occult Angel!”

The Slave Girl Copyright 2013 by Fletcher N. Brown


About the Author

Fletcher N. Brown is an American/British dual citizen, born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas; educated and abiding in London, England. He studied psychology at the University of Bath, yet his pervading interest in philosophy led him to found and chair the University of Bath Philosophical Society. After completing his BSc. he turned to the theories of Jung and Freud in order to further his understanding of dreams, myths and the unconscious, gaining his M.A. in Jungian and post-Jungian Studies at the University of Essex. Here, he became an integral member of the University of Essex Writers' Guild.


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