Five Poems

by Jared Carter


Although it sometimes happens – wrong
half giving way

To might have been – as in the song
the radio plays

Before I reach to change the dial.
Don’t turn it off,
You say, I like the glow. And while
we soon enough

Must let it go, it almost seems
this moment in
A darkened room with you redeems
what some call sin.


Something about her seemed suffused
with other days;
A thousand times I’d heard the blues
but not this way –

As though somewhere near Pontchartrain
she’d caught the sound
The barges make, or that freight train
that comes around

When you’re not listening, and blows
the moment back
Again. When only green light shows
along the track.


Now, by that dark entanglement
in which we knew
That neither time nor space had lent
dimension to

Our souls entwined – so that, unspooled
and distant, we
Would ever be attuned, and schooled

Each to the other bound – by this
I swear. And who
Conveys the stars will know this kiss
proves us both true.


You, sibyl, elusive taper
in that bleak house,
Hoarding your scribbles on paper
like any mouse,

Your secrets safe in a drawer –
hardly caring
If anyone ever saw or
thought of sharing

Such treasure. Yet always for you
the rising fumes
Of the eglantine, the deep blue
of those dark rooms.


Lord Byron, too, who courted fame,
and carved this stone,
And many other travelers came,
who now, unknown,

Sleep in Poseidon’s cave. Only
their letters here
Give evidence they braved the lee
and fought to steer

Along this coast. The sea, aflame
with countless rays
Of sun, keeps neither verse nor names
among its waves.

Copyright 2014 by Jared Carter


About the Author

Jared Carter is a Midwesterner from Indiana. His poems and stories appear online at Archipelago, Centrifugal Eye, The New Formalist, Poetry X, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. His fourth book of poems, Cross this Bridge at a Walk, was published in 2006 by Wind Publications in Kentucky.


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