by Laura A. Ciraolo

Call for Sun glorious
Gold dappled daylight,
And crystal blue skies to preside.

Call for Rose showers
Of ivory, pink petals
And bouquets of blooms for the Bride.

Call for gold rings,
Gold wreaths wrapped in diamonds,
White silk draped with garlands of pearls.

Call out for the Bells,
Gold, Bronze, and Silver.
Ring out notes that slowly unfurl.

Call out for champagne
Stuff the birds, fill tureens
At the sumptuous banquet and feast.

Call for the tenors,
Duets with sopranos
And all sorts of magical beasts.

Call us to the Dance
With trumpeting fanfares,
Sweet musical chords of delight.

Call for the Groom,
As a Wedding March airs,
Celebrations to last all the night!

© 2007 by Laura A. Ciraolo



About the Author

Laura A. Ciraolo has poems forthcoming in the New York Quarterly #63, the Long Island Quarterly, and iota in the UK. Her poems have recently appeared in Orbis Quarterly International Literary Journal in the UK and on the web in MiPOesias. She currently has three poems in the Spring 2007 Boston Literary Magazine. Laura lives and works in New York City.


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