January or February -- Can't Remember

by George Fosty

The dispatcher came over the radio
Said he had something to say.
We all stopped work and listened.
"Frank died today."
We shook our heads
Went back to work
In silence.
Frank hadn't died today.
We all knew better.
He was one of us.
He'd been dead for years.

© 2010 by George Fosty























About the Author

George Fosty is a Canadian-born historian and writer living in New York City. He is the co-author/author of six books: "Sustaining The Wings" (1991) , "The Desperate Glory: The Battle Of Dieppe, 1942" (1991), "Splendid Is The Sun: The 5,000 Year History of Hockey "(2003), "Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925" (2004), "Footie's Black Book: A Guide To International Association Football" (2010), and "Short Lines: The Poems Of A Railroad Trackman 1979-1987" (2010). In addition, he is also a featured writer in the book, "Multiple Lenses: Voices From The Diaspora In Canada" (2007).

He and his brother, Darril, are two of Canada's best known historians and are considered the leading experts on the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, an all-black hockey league that existed in Eastern Canada from 1895 to 1931. In 2007, the Fosty brothers gained international recognition and acclaim for their historical work in the sport of ice hockey after being featured in the ESPN documentary "Frozen Out."


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