by Melanie Houle

I dream the images of lucent stones,
their textures and their tones, their clarity.
They drive the diamond-dusted wheels that hone
the facets of the words that speak through me.
I hold these up and turn them in the light,
examining the patterns where they might
reveal the sudden spark of symmetry
that translates subtle hues to shades of fire,
strung like opal beads on metered wire.

© 2007 by Melanie Houle



About the Author

Melanie Houle is a physician and former jeweler. She is a Pushcart Prize nominee and The Raintown Review's first featured poet . Her poetry also appears in The Lyric, California Quarterly, The Aurorean, Neovictorian/ Cochlea, Tigerâ's Eye, Mobius, Pearl, Barefoot Muse, The HyperTexts, Journal of the American Medical Association and others.


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