By Floundering?

by Leland Jamieson

It’s best a toddler know all that he feels,
and see it, too, reflected in Mom’s eyes,
attune it with the notes her voice reveals —
or cry blue tears upon her ample thighs.

It’s best a youth embrace what he will do
when he grows up by striding off with Dad
to find, for left and right, the fitting shoe,
embrace a life’s work that can make him glad.

But floundering’s the route we mostly take.
We grasp for titillation, sexual fashion —
high pay and rank — no matter how opaque.
The outer eye’s ablaze with them til ashen.

The inner eye that might see through the smoke
just shuts its lids against this long sick joke.

© 2006 by Leland Jamieson



About the Author

Leland Jamieson lives and writes in East Hampton, Connecticut, USA. Recent and forthcoming work appears in numerous print and Internet magazines. His first book, 21st Century Bread, can be previewed and is available at


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