by Paul Jump

Your smile blooms like a wondrous flower,
Your eyes glow green and grow in our
Garden sown with Earth’s delight.

Rose lips ope like Spring’s soft bud:
Fluttering hearts o’er-swell with blood:
Tongues sip nectar, wings take flight.

Scents from shadows rich and sweet,
Billow as we pluck and eat
A fruit from Knowledge’s tree, dense,

Then lie upon the mossy bed,
Where poor Eve fell and cried and bled
Before the saints were banished hence.

Honey rains from cloudless skies
That blush as Cupid’s arrow flies,
Its tip all smeared with ecstasies.

Founts of joy burst from the earth
And in the white foam has its birth
Endless possibilities,
Infinite eternities.

© 2006 by Paul Jump


About the Author

Paul Jump is a freelance writer and journalist living in London. Contact him at jump_paul@hotmail.com.


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