Queen Mab

by Paul Jump

The light flees the earth and the glowering clouds   rumble,
As icy-cool torrents begin forth to tumble;
I make for the shelter extended to me
By a tall, broad, majestic, high-perched cedar tree.
The moss-cushioned outcrop of smooth-rounded stone
On which I recline myself, thoughtful, alone,
Affords me a truly magnificent view
Of countless wild wonders in every known hue.

My eyes drink in, first, the diverse rhododendrons’
Exotic blooms of golds, saffrons and crimsons,
Then to the valley-born lilies’ pure white,
Studding the gloom like stars in the night.
I stare at the blue of wild Hyacinth’s bells
Chiming with lilac in steep-sided dells,
Last, to the greens of the grasses and ferns,
My overawed sight, to recuperate, turns.

The circles that on the dark water’s face dance
Soon lull my mind into a visionary trance:
Slowly, like Queen Mab, you glide down a stream
Your bark fairy-made from the shell of a dream.
Enshrouded in white, you sit, pearly serene,
Counterfeited by the smooth-rippling sheen
Then, from your throne on that deep-flowing brook,
Into my wide eyes you cast your jet look.

From such rapt enchantment I’m rudely aroused
By Sol, blazing through a small gash in the clouds;
Away Jove’s dark, trident-armed hoards promptly march
Under fair Iris’s triumphal arch.
Ah, if I, to its end, were to hurriedly wind
No vast stash of gold could I wish there to find;
A glimpse of your pale face has countless more worth
Than all the bright jewels on the face of the Earth.

I rise and trudge on through the desolate wood,
Dragging my feet through the fresh, clinging mud,
Relishing not the mellifluous cries
Of birds as they rise, once more, into the skies.
Wandering through the massed, rain-varnished flowers
Adorning wild Nature’s most beauteous bowers
I rejoice not in their glories anew:
I see only the lingering image of you.

© 2006 by Paul Jump



About the Author

Paul Jump is a freelance writer and journalist living in London. Contact him at jump_paul@hotmail.com.


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