Morning in Spring

by Eric Martin

(From the French of Hector Berlioz, 1803-69.)

Lingering winter yields itself at last
To spring, as Nature re-erects her spires.
Heaven’s brightening dome, serene and vast,
Distills dissolving dews and warming fires.
Morning’s breath, incensed by blossoming trees,
Pervades my lips, and permeates my soul.
Songbirds, waking, blend their melodies
With those of woodland rill and grassy knoll.
Ah! to live like this in solitude —
Far from the discords of the multitude!

© 2007 by Eric Martin












About the Author

Eric Martin's poems and translations have appeared in nearly fifty print and online journals throughout the United States, Canada and Great Britain, including The Barefoot Muse, Calenture, Centrifugal Eye, Contemporary Rhyme, Lucid Rhythms, The Road Not Taken, Trellis Magazine, and forthcoming (May 2008) in the Concelebratory Shoehorn Review. A complimentary copy of his chapbook, The Death of Orpheus, and Other Poems, Original and Translated, can be requested at:


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