The Quality of Light

by Lee Passarella

It is as various as species are:
the laser plumb line dropped down city walls
you see some evenings, sitting in a bar.

It is a nimbostratus scrim, a pall
backlit, like the image on the Shroud of Turin
(or so they say); a reef, where wan light falls

from fifty feet above. And still more wan:
Good Friday’s sun, just edging past the cum-
ulus-wrought drapery—eclipse at noon.

And then, of course, the cool spectrum dawn spoons
on bedroom walls in culinary runes,
the salmon/saffron/cream (erased too soon).

© 2007 by Lee Passarella








About the Author

Lee Passarella acts as senior literary editor for Atlanta Review magazine and as associate editor for the new literary journal FutureCycle Poetry.

Passarella's poetry has appeared in many periodicals and ezines. Swallowed up in Victory, his long narrative poem based on the American Civil War, was published by White Mane Books in 2002. It has been praised by poet Andrew Hudgins as a work that is "compelling and engrossing as a novel." Passarella's poetry collection The Geometry of Loneliness (David Robert Books) appeared in 2006. His poetry chapbook Sight-Reading Schumann will be published by Pudding House Publications later this year.

Lee Passarella's website:


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