Spring Beauties

by Matthew Proujansky

[In northern hardwood forests the first flower to bloom is the delicate Spring Beauty. They appear not long after the last snows melt. There is, however, another type of Spring Beauty...]

Spring beauties bloom soon after snows thaw
Lovely their forms, fertile promises allure
Scents waft on breezes o'er moist woodland soil
Every spring beauty sets my passions a roil

Ne'er 'twill be said spring beauties I pluck
I leave them 'mongst hardwoods, the joy of young bucks
Beauties unripened are fruits yet unblushed
Until they mature I suffer them untouched

To take and possess one is just cause for guilt
For picked blooms are flighty, too quickly they wilt
So let them alone and time will do right
Then harvest, in season, from dawn through the night

A beauty I've nurtured, her roots go deep
Her blossoms are faded, yet her pleasures I still reap

© 2007 by Matthew Proujansky





About the Author

Matthew Proujansky is a husband and father. He studied electrical engineering and creative writing at Cornell in the sixties. Today he designs hardware and software for the printing industry and lives in the realms of logic and love, nanoseconds and lifetimes, and plot lines and lines of code.



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