A Birth

by Paul Stevens

From littered fragments -- woven --
Such oddments of the dead --
A reconstructed life -- of me --
Gestated in his head.

He analysed my hair,
My fingernails -- for dust.
Their tale -- a second birth for me,
More gentle than the first.

A child -- of his laboratory --
Freed from the womb of earth,
I gathered up my errant soul --
And stepped -- gravely forth.

© 2007 by Paul Stevens


About the Author

Paul Stevens was born in Yorkshire, but lives in Australia. He has an Honours Degree in English from the University of Sydney, and teaches Literature, Historiography, and Ancient History. His recent poetry is in The Barefoot Muse, WORM, Lily, The Argotist, The New Formalist, as well as the forthcoming Poemeleon, The Centrifugal Eye and Contemporary Sonnet. He is the Poetry Editor (with Nigel Holt) of The Shit Creek Review + II.


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