by Robert Villanueva

I’ve left behind my youthful urgency,
misspent my vibrant, restless buzz and spark,
and in the dawn of bleak uncertainty,
my feeble garden dwindles, spare and stark.

Unmindful of my acts, devoid of skill,
so carelessly I tilled the earth with spite,
aware of looming darkness even still,
dismissing days without regard for night.

Again, again I rise to lap the dew
off thorny brambles trampled in the shade,
as crimson petals fall and change their hue,
and cloudless sky embarks on its charade.

And yet I’ll sow the seeds of poetry
in vain attempt to touch eternity.

© 2008 by Robert Villanueva






About the Author

Robert Villanueva is an award-winning Kentucky writer whose short stories, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous print and online magazines. Some of those publications include Trillium Literary Journal, GlassFire Anthology, The Sylvan Echo, The Cherry Blossom Review, Contemporary Rhyme, The Flask Review, Flutter Poetry Journal, The Summerset Review, The Square Table and The Heartland Review. Forthcoming publications include The Binnacle and Cantaraville. In addition to a novel, Robert is working on a collection of interrelated short stories. His website is and includes links to more of his writing.


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